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I highly recommend Laszlo Betyar as your listing realtor if selling a home in Mt. Woodson Community.  We purchased our dream retirement home in Northern California before we sold our Mt. Woodson home, so we had to get serious quickly.  We chose Laszlo because he is the sales leader is this area and because we heard of his reputation as an honest man with the utmost integrity.  Laszlo exceeded our expectations with staging, marketing, pricing, and contract negotiating.  Laszlo recommended what to “fix up” before showing, so the house looked clean and immaculate, and then hired the best photographer to maximize our “view house” with still and drone technology.  He held an open house the first weekend and even pitched our house on Realtor TV.  Our house sold within Laszlo’s initial pricing parameters in only 14 days.  After the house sold, Laszlo even helped us make some of the repairs required by the buyer after the home inspection.  Laszlo genuinely enjoys his work and his passion shows through in all his interactions with his clients and prospective buyers.  We not only made the right choice for our realtor but also made a good friend.


Tom Blanco

Vice President

S & T Consulting and Program Management

Ramona, CA 92065


Derek and Laszlo,

My name is Kyle Smith, my wife and I bought the Kentfield Court home.   I wanted to write to tell you thank you so much for selling us the home.   We absolutely love it here and feel it was meant to be.   You did a wonderful job, even the inspector was very impressed.   We have a lot of pride in this home and will take great care of it.   If you stop by to get the sign feel free to knock on the door so we can thank you in person.   Thanks again, we couldn ' t be happier!

  Kyle and Brittany Smith


To whom it may concern:

I have known Mr. Laszlo Betyar for over twenty years and consider him to be a true friend.  I am a general contractor and for over five years completed numerous home renovations for Mr. Betyar during the foreclosure market. While working together he acquired over 50 properties.  He capitalized on the real estate market and depending on the circumstances of the individual property, we performed various repairs and upgrades to complete renovations.  During this period, working with Mr. Betyar was very enjoyable as well as financially rewarding. 

This past year I again have had the pleasure of working with Mr. Betyar and was able to take advantage of his professionalism and hard work to complete the sale of two properties I owned in Southern California.  The first was a year ago and was completed under less than ideal circumstances.  The property was in Trust and required a court order to correct mistakes that had been made.  Mr. Betyar navigated the potential crisis and was able to receive top market value for the property.  His negotiating skills were certainly the reason that the sale was completed without any further complications.  Based on the success of the previous sale I again hired Mr. Betyar to list my second home four months ago.  I met with him and the advice that I received was invaluable in again obtaining top market value while minimizing the effort and cost on my part. I no longer live in the area and greatly appreciated his complete managing of the sale which included overseeing all repairs completed by sub-contractors and service techs.  I cannot express how much I have appreciated his hard work and complete professionalism in every phase of these home sales. Please feel free and contact me if I may offer any information with regards to Mr. Betyar.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                              

James Lane


Now that we've settled into our new home, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your efforts selling our house.  Your vast knowledge of the local market and current trends insured that our house was priced right, not unrealistic like many realtors are prone to do.  This meant that our house would sell in a timely manner, which was critical to our ability to purchase our new home - the market was very hot in our new location and a prolonged selling period would have caused us to miss out on our new home (which we love!).

In addition to the pricing, your marketing efforts in targeting the right type of buyer were essential.  The professional photography (still and aerial video) also played an important part in the sale - our buyer was very impressed by them, moving our house to the top of his list.

Thanks again,

Bob & Lisa


Thank you, Laszlo, for handling the sale of our house!  You were so easy to work with and made things happen quickly.  We were grateful for the helpful suggestions you made at each step of the (very rapid!) process and also appreciated that the decision of whether or not to do each suggestion was our choice.  You made all the details of staging the house for showing, publicizing and planning the open house, speaking with interested buyers and their agents, accepting various bids, helping us analyze those offers, and following through with all the elements of the transaction look easy!  We know they’re not, and that’s why we SO value your expertise and meticulous attention to detail.  You can be relied upon for clear and timely communication.  Thank you, thank you!

Lynda and Ken


Dear Laszlo,

Just a quick note of appreciation for the help you gave me in selling my mom and uncle’s property.   Even though you decided not to take the listing yourself, you went above and beyond to locate a number of local realtors.   You spoke with a few of them and then I spoke with them eventually deciding on Tito Muela.   Mr. Muela is very professional and sold the property quite quickly.   Both mom and my uncle were very happy with the price and speed with which the property sold.   Much appreciation to you for all your time and help!   You definitely made the difference!   


Laszlo:  Property was in Indio and we couldn't properly service the listing.  In situations like this, we help folks by selecting and interviewing realtors that are experts in that area.  There are many benefits to using our services, including money back to you.  Call Laszlo to ask about this.



I want to express my appreciation to you for partnering with me on the sale of my home. My last home sale was 20+ years ago and much has changed in that time. As a widow I was somewhat anxious about this process and you were the best coach and mentor I could have imagined.

 I interviewed three realtors and was specifically looking for someone who had an impressive record of sales in my community and someone I felt I could successfully partner with. You had an informed presentation highlighting your strengths, optimism and expertise along with the record as top seller in my market. It also seemed we could work well with each other. Together we decided what was required to stage the house for sale. The photographic presentation and tour was the most impressive I and all my friends have ever seen. In these days of selling homes primarily via internet and social media you clearly have mastered those channels. Every open house had more visitors than typical and the eventual buyer was actually at the first open house. And a great deal of careful negation and patience was required to close this sale.

You indeed exceeded my expectations. I want to say that you were an amazing mentor and coach through this often confusing and challenging process. You made sure I understood what was expected and required at each step and answered all my questions. You always remained analytically optimistic and thus enabled me to be optimistic and patient as well.

Your professionalism and negotiating skills were second to none. It was obvious to me that you put your best efforts forward to ensure my interests were met. Your hard work and years of expertise certainly paid off for me!

Thank you,

Ann H


We were very pleased to work with Laszlo on the sale of our home.    There are several reasons why we would strongly recommend Laszlo:

1.       He is highly intelligent and laser focused.   

2.       His engineering background serves him well in compiling data and understanding what it says.   

3.       His software engineering background makes him very comfortable with leveraging all the online tools to show your home to potential buyers.

4.       He tries to do the best for his clients.   In our case as Sellers, he performed comprehensive market analysis, identified individual items which would modify the price up or down, and made a recommendation based upon meaningful data and judgment.    But he sought our agreement on his recommendation.   So it was a cooperative effort.

5.       He has a very keen eye for design and understands how to leverage marketing tools.    For instance he invested in high quality photographs and printed materials that were a differentiator.  

6.       His background in construction management is helpful in recognizing and understanding detail regarding quality of construction.

7.       He loves the real estate process.    His enthusiasm comes through.    He has studied the process and demonstrated expertise and understanding of nuance items of which other real estate agents were uninformed.  

8.       He is a tireless worker.   It seems as though he seldom rests.     Every time we asked a question it seemed as though we received the answer later that day or with an e-mail with the answer late at night.  

9.       Negotiation is one of his strong suits.   He understands the science of negotiation.

10.   In our case he held open houses three straight weekends.   He received multiple offers and, in our case, was able to negotiate a full price cash offer.  


One cannot ask a Realtor to do more than he did for us.    And we intend to maintain a long term relationship with him both socially and in business.


Kelly and Bonnie Dodson

Summer of 2014



We wanted to take this opportunity to express our appreciation to you for helping us with our home sale. We have worked with many realtors over the past 20 years due to frequent job transfers. We have to say that you have been, by far, the best of the best. After interviewing three realtors, you were the most optimistic and had the highest expectations for the sale of our home. You were well versed on the market, had an aggressive marketing strategy and partnered with us in all aspects of our home sale. You exceeded all of our expectations. Your professionalism and negotiating skills were second to none. This was both refreshing and comforting to us during the entire process. It was obvious to us that you put your best foot forward for us to ensure our interests were met. Your hard work certainly paid off for us!


Thank you,


Craig and Anita M


December 5, 2013

Re: Laszlo Betyar

This letter is a recommendation and endorsement for Laszlo Betyar as a real estate agent.

I was introduced to Laszlo, by my financial adviser, Robert Frazier, as he was highly recommended as a real estate agent.

I engaged the services of Laszlo to sell my condo after successfully hearing of his performance in marketing and closing the sale on a property that my financial adviser was the trustee. Laszlo sold that property in 30 days to a cash buyer above the asking price.

Laszlo was professional and meticulous in the presentation and knowledge of my condo, the surrounding area and services available, and all comparable listings.

He utilized the services of a professional photographer to showcase the property in his marketing materials and online sites.

He was in constant contact with me and assisted in staging the property, actually helping to move furniture in and haul it back to my house, and making the necessary small repairs and even washing windows for me.

His meticulous focus on the small details to highlight the property made a tremendous difference in closing the sale.

He held an open house on November 9th, 2013 and kept me informed of all the prospects that came to see the property. He also provided a complete market analysis of every one who viewed the property online and even how many photos they looked at while online.

Laszlo was able to receive two offers on my condo after the open house. We accepted a full price offer and closed the sale on November 25th.  A great result in 17 days from listing to closing and  a cash buyer at full asking price.

Laszlo assisted with all the paperwork and walked me through every step and explained everything in simple English. He was always willing to help. He was totally committed to me and graciously gave me as much time as I needed.

I highly endorse and recommend Laszlo to anyone as a real estate agent and as a friend.

Simply the Best!



Leopold A. Lipec



Laszlo helped me through a tough short sale with Bank of America.  My transaction was unusual as it was a strategic short sale and I owned multiple properties.  Legal and tax issues were a concern.  Laszlo set me up with free consultations with an attorney so I could understand my options, tax consequences, and the legal aspects of the short sale.


Along the way, we lost the original buyer – as BofA delayed unreasonably long and then countered with a price too high for the buyer.  Laszlo brought in a 2nd buyer immediately without skipping a beat, provided weekly progress updates, we closed escrow, and I even received $3,000 from the lender at close of escrow.


For your short sale transaction, especially if complicated, I recommend Laszlo and Derek Betyar.




Laszlo helped my family buy our first home.  We were able to purchase the property even though other ALL CASH offers were higher than ours.  During the inspection phase significant mold and asbestos were found.  I was told that this usually kills any financed purchase, but Laszlo and David Cummins of Rancho Financial worked together to structure a transaction that was accepted by my lender.

Laszlo also managed to get me a significant reduction on the purchase price.  This is not usually allowed by the short sale lender.  This short sale purchase had several complications and Laszlo helped us through these to reach our goal of home-ownership.



To whom it may concern: 

It is with pleasure and gratitude sharing our comments on our 
searching, finding and purchasing home  experience with Laszlo Betyar. As a first time home buyer, buying a house can be overwhelming, confusing, stressful and frustrating. Especially when you have a low budget. Its best to pick a location and start the bidding war. This is a big step and the largest amount of money anyone will invest, therefore you need to find the BEST real estate agent and I believe we found him.

After defining our expectations our experience at each phase of the home purchase was superior, such as innovative efforts in creating appeal vs offers in a "cash offer" market, useful insights in downstream renovations, effective viewing of properties with our busy schedules and proactive facilitation during the short sale process. All of these tasks, whether business-related or interpersonal, were accomplished with a noticeable degree of competence, integrity and grace.

Why choose Laszlo?
- perfect combo: incredible experience in real estate combined with his knowledge in construction 
- great recommendations for defining areas, house search and offer negotiations 
- loyal, patient, credible, honest, extremely hard working, dedicated...
- does not push you in a deal to make money - he makes sure YOU get what you want EVEN if you have a lower budget
- gets the best for your money
- explains all steps during the process so that you can understand it

In summary, Laszlo supported us in a challenging and complex nine month short-sale process, dealing with short-sale lender, buyers inflexible moving situation, title company, IRS property tax lean, wood inspection, home inspection, loan approval and home purchase...  And the best thing of all is that due to Laszlo's credible family real estate history, the buyer choose our offer which was NOT the highest offer in a very competitive market. We just moved in and the house has equity already.
Many thanks go to Derek Betyar, who managed all the documentation for us. The hard drive of the listing agents broke in the final stage with no documentation backups. Derek could provide him with all required copies immediately. It is great to have such hardworking and organized people working for you in the background.

Thus, we are truly thankful and highly recommend Laszlo and Derek Betyar for real estate needs.

Und jetzt in Deutsch/German: Vielen, vielen Dank fuer Alles! Es war ein langer und anstrengender Weg aber mit Ihrer Hilfe wohnen wir in unserem neuen Haus! 



Dear Laszlo,

Kyle and I would like to thank you for being such an amazing person. You are one talented and wonderful individual who has truly made our family dreams come true. We cannot thank you enough for the hard work, dedication, kindness and for sharing your experience with home buying with us.

Kyle and I are so excited that this is finally happening. This new house is amazing, and we cannot wait to put in some hard work and love into this new home. As we sit in our tiny apartment, and hear our neighbors partying - we are so glad to be out of this crummy mouse hole.

We've been impressed with your vast amount of knowledge on houses, and we enjoyed working with you.

Now we can begin the hundred pages of paper work!

New Home Owners (Scared and Excited),

Charlene & Kyle

Bay Park


I wanted to take time and thank you for all your help and assistance in walking my daughter and me through the purchase of her first home. She graduated from UC Davis and with a friend needed a place to live in the Poway/RB area. You were ready and willing to help us find just what we were looking for.

You really made buying this house a pleasure and after hearing so many horror stories from many of my friends I am glad to say it was almost an easy, stress free experience. Writing all those big checks and signing my name a million times was the only part of the process that was painful and I guess there is no way around that.

I was impressed at your attention to detail and dogged follow-up and there was never a moment in time that I felt alone or without your backing. I would recommend you to anyone and everyone and I am sure your business will continue to thrive as this is a small town and good news travels fast.

Tom Spooner
Poway, Ca


   I'm $230,000 Richer!

Well, maybe.  Read on ...

Laszlo found a fantastic 3300sf custom home in Scripps Ranch for my family.  Together, we worked as a team to negotiate a killer price and to navigate through a crazy series of "short sale" hurdles.

How did I get $230,000 richer?  Well, my new home was appraised for a refinance (just 2+ months after purchase) and the appraisal came in $230,000 higher than my purchase price.  Oh yeah ... in a bad economy!


 Rick R., Scripps Ranch July, 2012


Laszlo Betyar and Derek Betyar are the utmost professionals, great to work with, and I highly recommend them to anyone interested in buying or selling a property. They are extremely knowledgeable about our local community, and the broader areas also. They sold our home in a very short period of time, after counseling us on how best to "show" our home to enable us to maximize the sale price. Laszlo gave a us a presentation on his sale plan, arranged for the professional photos and brochure, and aggressively marketed our property. He was always available and responsive to our questions, and handled all negotiations in an assertive and professional manner.


Tammy M.


"... We would never have considered long-distance transactions of this kind if we were not totally convinced of the honesty, professionalism and personal attention we received from the Betyar Real Estate Team. Among the countless real estate salespeople in San Diego, these qualities are rare and to be valued. We whole-heartedly recommend both Laszlo and Derek Betyar and staff."

Sam and Martha P.
Pacific Beach, CA


Several years ago my husband and I were visiting La Jolla and looking at property. We found a beautiful condominium, in a wonderful area, with outstanding amenities at Regents La Jolla. We figured that we would buy it and rent it out, and move there when we retired. A grand dream!

Of course we bought at the peak of the real estate boom, paying top dollar. But we figured, it was California real estate, in La Jolla no less, how could we lose. Even if we did not live there, we could sell it later and collect our earnings! Well, the market crashed, and the condo lost half of its value practically overnight.
A few years ago, I received a mailer from Laszlo Betyar, Realtor. He said that the market was beginning to turn and that he had experience at Regents La Jolla if we were ever interested in selling. I called just to ask about the market. Laszlo took the time to talk about the property, the area, and the market with us He shared his ideas on the future of the market, and our options, for now and later. We decided we were not ready to sell yet, but we might in the future. Laszlo said he would stay in touch and for the next few years we received a message from him every month, talking about what was selling in the area and the direction of the market. He was never pushy, just informative!
 Earlier this year, we reviewed our portfolio and decided that we were never going to live in La Jolla – we figured it was time to cut our losses and sell in order to better prepare ourselves for retirement. We knew we would not get what we paid for it, but we wanted as much as the market would bear. Laszlo understood what we wanted, and he knew what we needed to do to reach our goals.
Laszlo created a marketing plan that moved prices in the development to allow us to get the price that we wanted. The marketing material presented to buyers and their agents was exceptional. The plan was highly unusual, creative, and structured to get us the highest price possible for our home. We shared the marketing material with our friends and they were amazed that we would even think of selling such a beautiful home, even I began to wonder why we were selling, it was wonderfully presented! At each step, Laszlo prepared us for the tasks ahead, the possible outcomes, and the options we would have available to us.

We live out of the San Diego area and relied on Laszlo for so many aspects of this sale. We have bought and sold many properties over the years and we have never worked with a realtor who was as helpful and hands-on as Laszlo. He went above and beyond anything I would ever have expected to prepare our home for sale. We relied on Laszlo's construction experience to prepare the property for sale and to respond to buyer repair requests. Laszlo managed the repairs and saved us a bunch of money. We strongly recommend Laszlo to get you the best price possible for your home, with the least amount of hassle.

Phil and Cindy


Derek and Laszlo Betyar recently represented us as the listing agents for residential land that we sold in Vista.

The property ... had complications with the validity of the grading and building plans; easements; encroaching construction from a neighboring owner; and public-street, curb, street light, water and other improvements mandated by the local building dept. The disclosure and communication of this information to a buyer in the proper presentation was key to completing this sale. Derek, with plans in hand, discussed all these technical complications with skill. Throughout this process, we asked Derek to represent us in gathering information from the planning dept. to determine the state of our plans and building permits. We appreciate the many hours Derek spent on trips and phone calls with the planning and grading depts.

Derek and Laszlo also provided us with information and recommendations for legal services help in dealing with an encroachment built on our property by an adjacent property owner. The encroachment was discovered in the escrow period and Derek and Laszlo helped us clear the encroachment without delaying the sale.

Derek performed his realtor duties with skill. And beyond that, he helped clear tax liens, personally handled problems with plans and encroachments.

If you want a bright, energetic, personable, honest and diligent agent to handle your affairs, Derek Betyar is my recommendation.

Mary Fuller
Oceanside, Ca


Cher László,
C’était un privilège d’engager votre service dans la recherche de ma “maison de rêve”.  Votre expertise a instillé la facilité et la confiance en mon effort de trouver une propriété bien adaptée à mes buts. 
Vous avez toujours satisfait mes besoins indépendamment de mes préférences immobilières avec une courtoisie extrême, un enthousiasme excellent et un professionnalisme détaillé.  Votre service par-excellence était inestimable.  Vous étiez toujours là pour m’assister.   
Votre patience et perfection extraordinaire avec votre sens de l’humour ont certainement atténué le processus.  Votre super accomplissement m’a ammené tant de joie and de bonheur dans ma nouvelle maison.  
Je vous remercie encore une fois pour un travail bien fait et bien réalisé.  De nouveau c’était un grand privilège de profiter de vos services incomparables.
Recevez toujours, László, mes sincères salutations et mes sentiments distingués.
Y.F., Mira Mesa


Dear Derek,

Please accept my sincere appreciation for a job well done. Your attention to the sale of our home and your honest feedback was essential in the lightening fast sale at top profit. I was completely taken aback by the amount of attention and effort that you put into our transaction. Not many realtors would put themselves out the way that you did.

Not only did you help us prepare the home for sale after having the nightmare of an eviction, but you single-handedly organized the team of workers that put our house back together and got it ready for sale. The turn around time and your aggressive marketing were the key to our success.

Not only did you go above and beyond the normal spectrum, but you were able to take control of all the details for us in our absence since we were deployed overseas and unable to physically be there. I am forever grateful for your constant communication and hand-holding through our transactions and for your frankness and honesty that kept us in the game.

I will always highly recommend you to any and all of your present, future and potential clients. Please do not hesitate to have them contact me at any time.

Warmest regards,

Dolores L. Cranley


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